I have purchased, so how can will i receive your services ?
After the fund transaction it needs to be processed and confirmed, you will receive an activation email from our support team.
After that our cooperation will start immediately and you will start receiving our services.
Payment methods  ?
We accepted Skrill Moneybooks, Neteller, MoneyGram and Western Union soon these two methods will be applied PayPal, Payoneer.
Request for a trial or proof before I join your service ?
We would love to offer free trial picks to any genuine visitors, who wish to try out our service before joining.
However, due to numerous cases of abuse, we have decided to stop all request for free trial picks. We regret any if this has influence on your decision.
But a starter package can prove you everything you need to believe that we are true professionals in betting on football matches.
We have bad experience with trial picks or after payment so we will not give out our services for free.
What about replacement tips ?
Betting-Insiders offers double free replacement tips for each purchased tips with no profits . Free replacement tips will be sent via email to members on the next match day.
Do you have any discounts or special deal for new members ?
In order to be fair to all members (we treat all members equally), the price stated on our website apply to all members, regardless of existing members or new members.
By doing so, every single of member would feel being treated equally and fairly, in a consistent winning environment.
We have special discounted packages only for our ultimate package to our serious members.
Is contact through telephone operator available ?
With this it will only add to our rising cost of operations, and would not be beneficial to our members. Our email support by our support team has performed superbly since 2009, every single match day without fail. So we see no reason to add it. After all, the members can contact us via email in any time.
Have other questions not answered yet?
We are always ready to serve, feel free to contact our support team HERE